Expand your horizons by engaging with like minded people and leveraging the power of group learning.
Life by Design Workshop

Life by Design

The Life by Design workshop is based on the fact that we are each our own experts on ourselves. We know what we want, but our life circumstances have got in the way. Through the tools and strategies learnt from this workshop:

  • The participants will understand the distinction of Life by Design versus Life by Circumstance.
  • The participants will rediscover who they are, what they want and that there are many ways to get it.
  • Individual dreams and desires (personal and professional) will be translated into practical, realistic and actionable life plans.
  • Participants will focus on themselves and create many possibilities for their present and future life.
  • Last but not least, participants will be moved to action.

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The Universe is Speaking to You Workshop

The Universe is Speaking to you, are you listening?

The Universe is a benevolent force that wants to support you to live your best life. The Universe is a word that encompasses many words within it. God, Nature, Angels, Spirit Guides, your own Inner Being or Higher Self, Infinite Intelligence, your passed on loved ones and any other higher power you believe in. Through this workshop, you will learn:

  • Why does the Universe speak to us?
  • How does the Universe speak to us?
  • How to start receiving messages from the Universe?
  • How to start living your best life using the Universal guidance?

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“Anjali’s workshops in collaboration with The Women’s Skills Bureau, Riyadh were a great success. From valuable insights to practical tools, Anjali helped the participants to take steps towards their highest potential. The events inspired a camaraderie among the attendees and delivered on the things our members were seeking.

– Maria Cometti (Former) Development Manager, WSB, Riyadh –

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