A Tarot Reading is the very thing you need if you are keen to receive intuitive guidance as well as tap into your own intuition. The messages through the Tarot will make you aware of the energies surrounding you in the present moment along with the energies you need to embrace as well as let go of going forward, in order to achieve your desires.

For clients from India and those wanting to make payments from a bank a/c in India, kindly get in touch with me at anjali@atarotcaoch4u.com

Career & Money Tarot Reading

Career & Money

While the reading will address your specific issues, you shall receive messages from the Universe to help you thrive in your career and attract abundance.

These readings will empower you to connect with your passion, learn to play to your strengths, let go of fears and limiting beliefs, take steps towards a healthy money mindset and learn to create abundance.

US$ 90.00 per reading

Love & Relationships Tarot Reading

Love & Relationships

While the reading will address your specific issues, you shall receive messages from the Universe to help you develop deep self-love, release unhealthy ties and create a strong foundation within yourself on which you will be able to build healthy and loving relationships.

US$ 90.00 per reading

Wellbeing & Healing Tarot Reading

Wellbeing & Healing

While the reading will address your specific issues, you shall receive messages from the Universe to help you become aware and take steps to let go of past baggage and blockages, make yourself a priority and begin creating balance in your life that will support you on your healing journey.

US$ 90.00 per reading

Plan the Year Ahead Tarot Reading

Year Ahead/Birthday Reading

The reading will highlight the opportunities the year ahead has to offer to you and the challenges you may have to face. Receive messages from the Universe regarding the energies you need to embrace and the energies you need to let go of in order to have a happy and fulfilling year.

US$ 90.00 per reading

Life Purpose Tarot Reading

Life Purpose

We are all on planet Earth with our own unique Life Purpose. Becoming aware of your life purpose will help you create more meaning in your life. Life purpose is all about getting to know yourself better – what comes naturally to you, what gives you joy, what you are here to learn and how can you bring joy to others. This reading will offer you messages from the Universe that will help you live a life aligned with your Life Purpose.

US$ 90.00 per reading

“This reading was so much more that I hoped for. She touched on areas I’m sure she doesn’t even know she did. She is awesome.”

– Lester, France –

“It was one of the best readings I have received! I felt genuine love emanative from the text and it was overall a wonderful experience. Amazed at how precise it was and how you didn’t leave anything out. I usually have doubts left after a reading, but I feel now very hopeful towards the future. I can’t thank you enough.

– Francis, Italy –

“The reading had immense value due to the transparency, thoroughness, educational value and insightfulness.

– Don, Scotland –

Anjali provided a tarot reading that was insightful, direct, and delivered with love from the heart and wisdom from the mind.

– Caroline, Canada –

“Anjali read the cards with much devotion, focus, love and the intention of help which I am so grateful for.

– Dorota, Poland –

“I am grateful for the compassionate and straightforward tone of this reading because it compels me to take positive action! My reading was thorough, warm and so precise. It pinpointed exactly what I needed to hear and *how* I needed to hear it. This message really speaks to me and I feel so much better having received it.

– Grace, Croatia –

“Thank you for helping me put things in perspective. Your clear explanation was with honesty, consideration, care and easy to understand.

– Kerryanaa, England –

“I have just received a reading from Anjali. …what can I say. Wow wow wow. The reading was accurate and I would highly recommend her. I will certainly use her again.

– Lally, UK –

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