Tarot Coaching is the very thing you need if you need support to implement and embrace the messages that come through a Tarot Reading. Both the tarot reading as well as the coaching conversation will make you aware of your inner power and provide you with support to take inspired action towards your goals and creating the life you desire.

For clients from India and those wanting to make payments from a bank a/c in India, kindly get in touch with me at anjali@atarotcaoch4u.com

Tarot Coaching to Resolve

1 Tarot reading + 1 Coaching Session

  • Receive insights towards achieving a specific goal or overcoming an obstacle you are facing today.
  • Book over a period of a month.

Package price US$ 150.00

Tarot Coaching to Advance

2 Tarot readings + 4 Coaching sessions

  • Leverage the power of the Tarot and Coaching to start with getting clear on your values, your life purpose and the unique essence of who you are, through unique and empowering coaching tools and exercises.
  • Use the clarity received during exploration to shift the way you choose to advance through life.
  • Book over a period of three months.

Package price US$450.00

Tarot Coaching to Transform

Variable pricing & duration

  • Integrate the Resolve and Advance phase to move on to embracing choices that are in alignment with yourself and take action to see your life being transformed.
  • The number of sessions, frequency and duration will depend on each person’s individual needs.

“Anjali is a gifted Tarot reader; she combines her Tarot knowledge with her obvious skills as a life coach to carefully break down a question or problem into manageable subparts. Her compassionate and thoughtful reading helped me to move forward proactively toward a resolution of my issue.

– Loran Morse –

The Tarot reading was, in itself, very powerful and resonant, but the invitation and challenge to go deeper through visualization and coaching allowed me to receive, integrate and move forward with the blessings present in the cards more completely. This experience was both emotionally full and practically actionable, and I feel well-equipped to explore the insights gained with curiosity and openness.

– Erin Busby (Mauritius)

“Anjali’s tarot reading touched my soul and changed my life profoundly. Anjali makes it special by asking relevant and precise questions to know more before executing the reading. The follow-up coaching was a true turning point for me. Anjali has helped me to sort my thoughts and got closer to my heart. I am now happy as I am, and do not people-please in order to seek love. I am so grateful to have met Anjali. Before meeting her, I was an angry and edgy youth; now I treat life and myself with love and gentleness. Thanks Anjali, for shedding light onto my path.

– Nikita Chow (Malaysia)

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