A Coaching conversation & relationship is most likely the very thing you need if you are:

  • Strugging through a particular issue in your life
  • Working towards a specific goal
  • Wish to know yourself better
  • Live a transformed life aligned to your true self.

For clients from India and those wanting to make payments from a bank a/c in India, kindly get in touch with me at

Coaching to Resolve

  • Get coached to achieve a specific goal or overcome an obstacle you are facing today. Know that you have the answers within.
  • Get help to go deeper to find them and get inspired to take action.
  • Book a session at a time or in multiples at a frequency that suits you.

US$ 90.00 per session

Coaching to Advance

  • Explore and know yourself better: your values, your life purpose and the unique essence of who you are, through unique and empowering coaching tools and exercises.
  • Use the clarity received during exploration to shift the way you choose to advance through life.
  • Book six sessions over three months.

Package price US$450.00

Coaching to Transform

  • Transform your life into one that you have always dreamed of.
  • Embrace the choices to live in alignment with your values and beliefs and take action to see your life being transformed.
  • The number of sessions, frequency and duration will depend on each person’s individual needs.

“Anjali helped me through a difficult period of my life. I learnt to stay positive, value myself and focus on things that have made me happy and satisfied in life. “

– Nadine, Entrepreneur from Palestine –

“Coaching with Anjali helped me to figure out how to speak & stand up for myself. I learnt to combine my interests to develop a career. This has led to an improved quality of my life & peace of mind.

– Kavi, Dancer & Yogini from Singapore –

“Through her life coaching Anjali transformed me from a human ‘doing’ to a human ‘being’. She helped me shift the torchlight within to excavate all that I truly am and what had never surfaced until then! Anjali through her brilliant, amazing perspectives, helped me let go of my emotional baggage and become more accepting of myself.  So much has changed in my life as a result.

– Shammi, Senior Executive from India –

Anjali is a truly professional life coach with a Midas touch. She is a great listener and is extremely encouraging. Anjali’s coaching has helped me tremendously to get comfortable with myself and also to explore the various possibilities that lay ahead in this wonderful journey called life!

– Shailaji, Dentist from India –

“Anjali is an intuitive and compassionate coach who has helped me find insights and inner resources that had been hidden to me. She has a unique ability to listen deeply and connect authentically without judgement.

– Chris, HR Professional, USA –

“Anjali’s coaching style is professional, warm, compassionate and supportive. Her Coaching style has led me to solutions and actions to further my growth in many areas.

– Diane Bourret, owner of 3 Green Lights Coaching & HR Services, Canada –

“Anjali is very patient, intuitive, and COMPLETELY in tune with her coachee. She opened my eyes to the big picture in life because of which I was able to reorient myself to being a COMPLETE, balanced and PEACEFUL individual again. I am now able to handle ANY and EVERY challenge I face on a daily basis, whether in my personal or professional life. Anjali helped me find myself again !

– Patricia, Dubai –

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