‘Mirroring’ – what it taught me !

Mirroring is a spiritual/self-growth tool that is used a lot by spiritual leaders and coaches to make people aware that ‘your experiences in life are a mirror reflection of everything that is going on within you’. As much as this is true, I have found my clients going down a rabbit hole of the past, guilt, shame; instead of being able to work through things, while using this tool. Therefore I am consciously selective in using “mirroring” as a coaching tool. 

In this context I want to share with you something the Universe taught me about “mirroring”.

To give you a bit of background : through one of the oracle cards I pulled for myself recently, I was nudged to explore Sacred Geometry. This led me to trying my hand at creating shapes, designs and patterns. This in turn led me to drawing and coloring Mandalas.  ‘Mandala’ is a Sanskrit word which means circle. It is a symbol used by Hindus and Buddhists to represent the Universe. The circular design of the Mandala symbolisms that the Universe, and life in turn, is never ending and that everything is connected. Mandalas are also prevalent amongst different Islamic traditions and Christianity; however they may be called by different names. I am not an authority on religions, and the purpose of this blog is to share my spiritual experience with the Mandala and has little to do with religious ideologies. 

Here are a few Mandalas that I enjoyed creating over the past few days. The process was nothing less than meditative and each time I was experiencing inner peace and joy. 

Mirroring - atarotcoach4u

And this weekend, it seems like the the Universe decided to reward me for paying heed to the oracle card message and doing the work to raise my vibrations. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have been rarely going to restaurants and other public places. However, this past weekend turned out to be a bit different. We had to drop and pickup our daughter from her friend’s house within a couple of hours. In order to kill time and also feed our hungry tummies, we decided to eat out. The weather was perfect and a leisurely stroll around the walk-way surrounded by restaurants felt like a nice change. We passed by an Indian restaurant, which is usually our last choice while eating out. However, none other cuisines down the line appealed to us either so we settled to on having Indian. And as we entered the place, there on the wall was this huge MANDALA !

I had goosebumps all over me. How cool was that! I know enough now not to look at this as a mere coincidence. So I have been contemplating the deeper meaning behind the “mandala” showing up in my experience in this way! The Universe is once again speaking to me ! It helped me to experience “mirroring” in real time. I was seeing in physical reality, the very thing that had created inner joy and peace within me. It has given me a ‘key’ to unlock the possibilities that can open up when we do the inner work. It is a powerful reminder that my job is to do whatever it takes to shift myself to a higher frequency. Raising my energy through joyful activities, spiritual practices, in this instance creating the mandalas, is the key to shifting my physical reality. The message is loud and clear and it is for all of you who are reading this too : 

“Focus on raising your vibrations first. 

Your experiences in the physical reality will be a match to the exact same high vibrations”

Whatever may be happening in your physical reality, your job is to take care of your inner world. The outer reality will shift ! Your inner world will be mirrored in your outer world ! That is the promise from the Universe to all of us ! 

I invite you to take some time out today to ask yourself, ‘what gives me joy? what helps me to stay in the present moment feeling peaceful ? what are the spiritual practices that I connect with?’. Once you have the answers, engage in those activities and practices. This is surely going to raise your vibration to a level of readiness to receive all the good and the great that is waiting for you in life. Whether you are seeking solutions to a problem or dreaming a seemingly impossible dream, this tool is worth trying out. 

I would love to hear about your spiritual/joyful practices, and experiences up until now. If you are new to this information, are you planning on giving it a try?

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  1. I was feeling particularly down since morning today…Anjali has been nudging me to read this blog- I somehow took a hold on myself and read this. I realised how much I needed to after having read it!

    ‘your experiences in life are a mirror reflection of everything that is going on within you’…..this is exactly what I need to shift- and shift to a higher level of vibration,…which means I need to get out of my present state of blame, guilt and anger.

    On another note, many of my friends have implored me to attempt Mandala,…I dodged them all. Anjali has given such a beautiful and powerful insight , it connects the dots for me. Thank you Anjali


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