“A Lucky Few Have A Mother Like You” – Message from the Universe

After a delicious meal,  I was lounging  in the guest room, reading a book. We were on a holiday and our friends Sean & Poonam were really going out of their way to make us very comfortable. I was feeling so pampered !  In the quiet of the lazy afternoon drifted in the voices of Poonam and the kids…

.”Finish your homework as you had promised me Riona”.

”Mom…why don’t you say that to Rahul as well…has he finished his?” 

I sighed! Such a familiar conversation in our home too!

 In spite of myself, I eavesdropped on Poonam’s reply. I heard the usual calm, composed, yet firm reply which got things rolling.  Suddenly an overwhelming wave of emotions swept over me…I remembered the usual stuff that went on between me and my kids. The thought that  I hadn’t taught them a lot of things which Poonam seemed to have done with so much ease and calm. I always knew that Poonam’s calm temperament is something I could do good by embracing. But this incident took my inner chatter to the next level…

 ’Maybe I’m just not good enough as a mother, Poonam has done such a good job of raising her kids, I have totally fallen short!”

Thoughts like these floated around my mind just as mist welled up in my eyes. The big action taker that I am, I started making plans of how I would change things up when we get home. I had to become more calm and centred and become a better role  model for the kids. After drowning myself in the feeling of not being good enough and spending some time planning my next steps, I came to a realisation that now was not the time to feel down and out about something that was going to take a long time to fix. We were on a holiday after all…So I parked the feeling of “not being good enough as a mother” somewhere in the corner of my heart, with a promise to myself to make things better and decided to go about enjoying the holiday. 

Afternoon melted into a fine evening. The weather was just perfect for a barbeque and we had a great time enjoying the scenic outdoors. In the amidst all the laughter, chatter and wine my mind relegated the rumblings of the afternoon further more to a corner.

The next morning, my hubby and I were to be leaving for a long awaited romantic getaway. There was a car hired and a log cabin booked ! We were all set except had to stop by to pick up some nick nacks for the trip. We stopped by at the local Target  while on our way.  Here I am in the juice aisle and notice a wooden square placard kept upside down in the midst of all those colourful bottles. Curiosity took the better of me and I picked it up to see what it was and was amazed at what I was reading …

“A lucky few have a Mother like You” 

I stopped in my tracks!  Was this real?? Or was this a dream? My little squeal got my hubby’s attention, happy tears rolling down by cheeks!  He quickly caught that very moment on camera! Yesssss, this message was for me! The Universe was speaking directly to the “parked” feelings in my heart ! Do I need to say more ? ???

Once we become open to receiving messages from the Universe… it shows up in incredibly amazing ways ! Be ready to ride the wave, don’t resist it! Get swept along in the glory of it and bask in the reassuring warmth it kindles in your heart.

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  1. And on my screen, this story goes scrolling down right in between the king of cups and queen of pentacles in the steady watermark in the background. What a parental setting for the story.


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