Expecting Miracles!

The  Universe, Divine Intelligence, Inner Power, God, whatever name you may be calling this benevolent force by, is right by you, supporting you, guiding you, wanting the best for you and is creating “miracles” all around you. And yes, my saying this at a time like this is going to trigger a lot of things in a lot of people. If the Universe wants the best for us, why are things so messed up right now ? And I have been asking myself that question too. And I do not have an answer for it right now. 

That is what happens with us humans – we have got so used to wanting things “right now” – that we have lost patience even with the higher power.

When there can be no sensible explanation for what is happening in my life, or in our life collectively, I choose to hold on tightly to the perspective that eventually everything works out for the best. There is always a reason why things happen and it gets revealed to us only in Divine timing. That serves a very important purpose and that is, it keeps my vibrations high. What do I mean by high vibrations ? Take a look at this emotional spiral diagram :

I would rather be hopeful, optimistic, positive … rather than go down on the spiral of pessimism, frustration, overwhelm…..Because we all know that the end of the first tunnel is “joy” & freedom” and the second one is a route to “fear” and “powerlessness”

Here are the three daily rituals that  help me to be able to stay on the upward spiral and experience “miracles” in life. 


One of the most important spiritual practices that I embrace in life. The foundation of this practice lays  in the awareness that however bad things might be looking, there is always something that one can be grateful for. Even if you can see nothing positive in your life- which is never really the truth, because the fact that you are reading this means you are alive, you are breathing. Think about it for a moment – each night when we go to sleep, there is no guarantee that we will get up the next morning. And the fact that we do is in itself is a “miracle”. The way our internal organs function and support our body without us having to do anything is a “miracle”. The sun rising each morning is a “miracle”. There’s running water in our taps is a “miracle” to a sizable population in the world. The list is endless. Make it a habit to look for something that you can be grateful for in any given situation or experience. This will change everything. It is just impossible to stay worried, angry, frustrated when you are in a state of gratitude. The more you practise it, the more things that you can be grateful for show up in your life. 


For me meditation is not sitting on the mat, with eyes closed for long periods of time. It feels great on days I can do that. But my intention with meditation is to become mindful of my breath many times in a day and become present in the here and now. I call these my “mini meditations”. Try doing it. This practice disconnects you from the bothering memories of the past and worries of the future. That is exactly what all of us need in life. It is this presence that makes us aware of what is most needed for living a best life and how and where we can get it in our life. This is a gateway to connecting with the hunches, nudges that the Divine has ready for us which can lead to “miracles” in life. 


There was a time in my life when “connection” meant, keeping in touch with family and people around. This has become easier than ever before with all the social media platforms.  And today the top most connection that I am seeking is that with myself and the divine or one could call it the higher thought within me. And once this connection is strongly in place, we are able to manifest connections with those with whom we can create the best relationships for everyone involved. The right connections just start showing up in life – it could be a person, a book, a youtube video or a perfect website, anything that makes us feel connected and grounded. The “miracle” of synchronicity becomes a norm in life. Certainly, gratitude and meditation are two practices that help me stay connected with myself and the universe. 

I strongly believe that we are the co-creators of our destiny. Then why not embrace the three most powerful spiritual practices of  “gratitude”, “meditation” and “connection” and get ready to embrace the “miracles” the Universe is eagerly waiting to show us !


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