Setting Intentions

“Intention” is the most powerful force that is. It is the force with which everything starts and it is the force that creates our reality. Once we get clear about the “why” … the “what” and “how” usually unfold themselves. 

Here is the story behind how the “Universe” has been instrumental in helping me figure out my “Why”. Being a Life Coach, inspiring others to live their best life has been something I always wanted to do. In fact the Life Purpose statement I came up during my Coach training days is,

 “I am the mirror in people’s life wherein they can see how powerful and magnificent they are”. 

Even though I had this level of clarity, I was still on this journey of seeking  “why” I wanted to do it. 

One fine day, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and the first thought was the memory of a beautiful poem I had read not very long back…

“Who will take up my work?
Asks the Setting Sun.
None has an answer, in the whole silent world.
An Earthen lamp says humbly from a corner,
I will, My Lord, as best as I can

For the life of me, I could not remember where I had read it, who it was by and why I was remembering it now. Of course I did not recollect the exact words but the gist and the main message is what I really woke up with.  Experience has taught me that these early morning nudges have some “pearls” hidden in them. And I have made it a habit to not just let them go. 

As I sat at my office desk, the poem wouldn’t leave me and as I thought of “googling” it, a flash of memory came in. I saw my Dad’s (my siblings and I called him Baba) writing in front of my eyes. The poem was in his diary (which I recently found in my parental home), handwritten by him in his beautiful handwriting. When I was browsing the diary, when I found it first, there was a huge emotional connection to it. The diary made me feel so close to him. But little did I know that Baba had left me a message and a path in there. He was a man of crystal clear “intentions” and I have heard him say very many times, … more than what you do, it is the intentions with which you do it matters the most. 

Photo_Setting Intentions

So here I am “setting and sharing my intentions” behind this work with you all- I intend to do my bit to contribute in a positive way to whosoever life I am meant to touch. In the times we are all in at the moment, there is real need for each and every person to go within and find that one thing that can make a difference in someone else’s life. A kind word, a gentle smile, … nothing is small or insignificant. In these times, no one has an idea what a big difference, that very thing each one has to offer, can make  in someone else’s life. So my intention is to use my knowledge of “Tarot” and “Coaching” to be the mirror in your life wherein you can see the “reflection” of the powerful you, who you truly are. I wish to bring to you the messages the Universe has for you, and also support you to “be” who you truly are meant to be and “do” the things that you are meant to do, which only you can do with your own unique gifts. 

For those who would like to know, the poem is  by a renowned Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore. He was also a short-story writer, song composer, playwright, essayist and painter. In 1913, he became the first non-European to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.

As I was getting ready to wrap up the blog post, I Googled the meaning of the word Intention and to my pleasant surprise,  in the world of medicine, the word means “the healing process of a wound” !

 May my intentions contribute towards the healing journey of those whom I am meant to serve.


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