The Universe is Speaking to you…
Are you listening?

You have the potential to receive messages from the Universe.

You are the co-creator of your destiny.

You are worthy of abundance that surrounds you.

You are being guided & supported to live your best life.

“I promise to empower you with tools that will help you to listen to the Universe, tap into your inner power and take action towards living your best life.”

The Tarot Readings and Coaching Conversations with me will serve as a mirror in which you can see the real powerful you and possibilities for your life.

How Tarot Works

Tarot is a powerful tool, a key, a map which speaks through the universal language of symbolism. Tarot is a way to break away from depending only on logic and reasoning to make decisions and tap into the subconscious mind which holds the answers to all your questions. Tarot is a divination tool that helps you receive guidance from the Universe. A Tarot reading aids self-awareness, personal growth and transformation by helping you to heal past wounds, understand current situations better and provide guidance for the future. A Tarot reading will have a co-creative energy between you and me. In addition to the messages that come through
from my intuition, the reading also encourages you to tap into your inner voice and receive deeper guidance from the messages. When you choose to make decisions based on the powerful insights received through this process, you will get in touch with your own inner wisdom. As a reader, I am here to guide you through this process.

How Coaching Works

Coaching is all about YOU… helping you discover yourself deeper, be more aware in life and make the right choices. Coaching will help you get more out of yourself and your life than you can get on your own. Coaching will not only help you to get in touch with the things that truly matter to you but also those impediments that come in the way of you moving forward. During the Coaching sessions you will engage in a respectful, open, and honest conversation that will create a safe space for you to get in touch with your deepest desires and innermost fears. Deep listening, curiosity and intuition are key skills that a coach uses to serve you. During coaching sessions, you will learn self-management tools and do the inner work which will lead towards living an empowered life. You will set goals and take action towards them. As such Coaching will help you to go deeper (become more self-aware) as well as move forward (take action) in life.

How Tarot Coaching Works

Tarot Coaching is an extremely powerful combination that will empower you to shape & transform your life journey in more ways than you thought was ever possible. While the intuitive insights received through the Tarot cards will take you deeper into self-awareness, coaching helps you further clarify what you really want in your life and make an action plan to make that a reality. Tarot goes deeper into your subconscious which is supported by Coaching that helps you take conscious and practical decisions. The four suits of the Tarot are connected with the four different aspects that make us complete. Swords are all about our thoughts, ideas, words (mind), Pentacles are all about tangible things that we can touch and feel (body), Cups speak to our emotions and feelings (heart) and Wands are about our passions (spirit). Similarly, Coaching addresses the whole person which includes mind, body, heart and spirit.

Are you ready to listen to the Universe?
The Universe is a benevolent force that wants to support you to live your best life. The Universe is a word that encompasses many words within it,  “God, Nature, Angels, Spirit guides, infinite intelligence, your passed on loved ones, your own Inner Being or Higher Self, and any other higher power that you believe in. It really does not matter what name you call it by. The Universe has its special language and it is speaking to you always and in many ways. It wants to guide you towards the most supportive thoughts, feelings and actions. It wants to make you aware of the “pure potential” within you. Once you start living life knowing this profound truth, so much more will become possible. Tarot is one such tool that will help you to connect with your “Universe” and receive guidance that is for your highest good.
Are you ready to co-create your destiny?
Know that your destiny is not set in stone. The way you perceive your past, live your present and imagine your future have a huge impact on your destiny. You are actively influencing your destiny in many ways: the thoughts you think, the words you speak, the beliefs you hold, the attitudes you embrace, the perspectives you hold, the intentions you set, the choices you make, the stories you tell yourself, are all contributing. The Universe is with you, eager to co-create your destiny with you. Once you begin to let go of your ego (your small self) thinking and start operating from your higher-self perspective, you have begun your journey of co-creating your destiny with the help of the Universe. Working with me will help you connect with your higher self and embrace your co-creative energies to live the life you have been dreaming of.
Are you ready to receive abundance?

Abundance is defined as a very large quantity of something. The first meaning most people think of is money and financial abundance. Abundance is, of course, that and much more. Learning to notice and embracing the abundance that surrounds us is the first step to creating an even more abundant life. Abundance cannot come out of lack. Changing the internal landscape is what results in shifting the outer reality. Becoming aware of the role the Universe is waiting to play in your life is the highest form of abundance that you can receive. Working with me will bring in this awareness and get you operating from your “higher self” mode, learn to notice when your “ego” is limiting you and embrace the flow of life as you work towards achieving your dreams.

“Anjali, you actually answered more than I had expected. I feel like you got to the real core of my question that I didn’t even realise I was asking. “

– Giulia Palermo (United States) –

Anjali, This is amazing and of course, validation of everything I already knew but didn’t want to face. This is the push I needed to move forward, so very grateful. You have been amazing, truly.

– Jenipsie (United States) –

I appreciate the gentleness and delivery of it all. My answer hurts but there is comfort because she showed me what to do and it can be done. Thank you so much.

– Camille Polanco –

Through her life coaching Anjali transformed me from a human ‘doing’ to a human ‘being’. She helped me shift the torchlight within to excavate all that I truly am and what had never surfaced until then! Anjali through her brilliant, amazing perspectives, helped me let go of my emotional baggage and become more accepting of myself.  So much has changed in my life as a result.

– Shammi, Senior Executive from India –

“The reading was absolutely awesome and to the point.  The insights will help me work on improvements as I go through this challenging phase of my life. Anjali has a gift that must be shared and I will recommend her to everyone.

– SB (Germany)




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